August, 2020

Alem Summer Weekend was held under the sponsorship of ABK Holding.

Alem Summer Exclusive event was held under the sponsorship of ABK Holding. ABK Holding founding partner Murat Kutay Yıldırım's classic vehicle collection was the highlight of the event. Alem Summer Weekend continued with various activities for three days and left great memories.

For World Rally Championship 2020 Rally Turkey, ABK Holding and Icrypex sponsored Adus Motorsport Rally Team. Rally Turkey is one of the season's toughest challenges but Adus Motorsport Rally Team focuses on the reach the peak with our support!

Yağız Avcı and Onur Vatansever, the pilots of Adus Motorsport, won the title of Rally Turkey! Also, the team is on podium at WRC3 as 3rd! We are champion! We are strong together!

rally 1
rally 2
rally 3