According to General Data Protection Regulation('GDPR'), all type of information and documentin relation to a real person that are used for the person to be identified or identifable are within the scope of personal data.

ABK Holding can obtain personal data verbally, in writing or electronically and from our direct/indirect affiliates, other business partners or from the third parties we are providing and getting services through the channels such as the General Directorate, Branches, kiosks, ATM’s, Internet Branch and Call Center and can process the same.

The personal data which we have obtained including the ones we can submit as the agent/intermediary/representative within the scope of the relevant legislation are being recorded to our systems, being stored, protected, classified, updated by our company and they can be shared with third parties within the legal limits or can be processed in ways listed in the GDPR; in order to comply with the regulations in relation to determining the access information of the customer such as the customer’s identity, address and storing the same within the legal periods stated in the legislations.

The personal data at our company is being shared limited to the purpose, with the parties that are legally authorised to request the customer information from us, our principal shareholder, direct/indirect domestic/ foreign subsidiaries; third parties we obtain services in order to conduct our activities, other institutions we provide services and we are in cooperation with, program partners, parties we conduct joint brand studies, third parties they are in cooperation with.

Pursuant to the GDPR, you have the right to find out whether or not your personal data are being processed, to request information if they were processed, to find out the purpose of processing and to find out whether or not they have been used in accordance with their purpose, to find out the third parties it has been transferred domestically or abroad, to request the correction of the personal data if they have been processed incompletely/incorrectly, to request such correction to be forwarded to the third parties such information have been transferred to, to request deletion / extermination within the conditions set forth in GDPR excluding the legal limits, to request such deletion / extermination request to be notified to the third parties they have been transferred, to object a result that has occurred to the detriment of your behalf due to the analysis conducted solely with automatic systems, if you incur damages due to the processing that is in violation of the law, to request compensation of such damages.