ABK Holding aims to recruit right candidates, develop them and improve their performance in order to promote and ensure loyalty towards the company. In this regard, the following processes are implemented.


  • Find candidates through vacancy posts on the relevant platforms
  • Place the right candidate to the right position
  • Select the candidates who are appropriate for company culture


  • Organize recruitment programs for our colleagues to make them adapt easily


  • Lead the development of employees for the purpose of creating a qualified, successful and global leader pool
  • Identify needs for all colleagues
  • Organize educational programs according to needs of colleagues
  • Evaluate the results and re-organize new programs based on the previous edits

Career Planning:

  • Monitor continuously and regularly process, system, human resource and organization
  • Create career plans for every colleagues
  • Create career maps for all positions and functions

Performance Management:

  • Manage the performance of employees objectively by evaluating them according to the criterion set by the top management based on their roles.
  • Rate and improve colleagues’ competencies, skills and performance

Wage Management:

  • Set the overall salaries of employees according to competitive and fair corporate policies
  • Ensure a fair wage for colleagues in accordance with performance, which consists of contribution to the role and the level of responsibility of the performed work.

Rewarding System:

  • Appreciate and reward the contribution of employees to the holding
  • Grant performance bonuses in accordance with performance, including the level of contribution and level of responsibility of the performed work.

ABK Holding strives to be chosen as one of the companies to work for because;


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